Our Services

Vehicle Repairs

We provide accident repairs for practically anything with four wheels, an engine, or both, including:

  • Passenger and light commercial vehicles
  • Motorbikes
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Boats and boat trailers
  • Horse floats
  • And more!
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Chassis Alignment

After a significant crash, it’s likely that the structural framework that holds your vehicle together, the chassis, is warped out of shape, making driving dangerous at best, and physically impossible at worst.

At Sheldon Paint & Panel we have the means to measure the current state of your chassis, comparing it to your vehicle’s original factory specifications to give us a clearer idea of the extend of any repairs. We’ll then use specialised chassis alignment equipment to pull your vehicle back into shape, matching as closely as possible your vehicle’s pre-accident condition.

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Panel Repairs

Our experienced team at Sheldon Paint & Panel can handle any manner of panel repairs, from replacing large panels entirely to smaller patch repairs, rust removal, major dent removal and paintless dent repair jobs.

No job is too big, too small or too awkward for our body repair specialists.

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Spray Painting and Refinishing

With our range of premium PPG Envirobase auto paints and specialised colour-matching software, we can produce a formula of paint that expertly matches your vehicle’s existing colour, ensuring a seamless repair job.

The paint is then applied in one of our purpose built spray booths, and cured in our bake ovens to minimise drying time, getting you back on the road sooner with a smoother, more even coat.

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After any repair we take on, your vehicle is then treated to a thorough detailing, including an interior vacuum, vent cleaning, an exterior car wash.

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that your car leaves our workshop looking its absolute best.

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There’s nothing we take greater pride in at Sheldon Paint & Panel than bring a much-loved classic car or sentimental favourite back to its former glory.

Our all-inclusive restoration work will have your vehicle looking just as it did when it left the showroom, from expert panel repairs and refinishing to a tidy-up of the vehicle’s internals,
including wiring.

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Your windscreen is subject to a tremendous amount of pressure from air flow around your vehicle, so much so that even a tiny crack can quickly grow across your windscreen and obstruct your view of the road, not to mention compromise the safety of you and your passengers.

We can arrange for automotive glass professionals to replace damaged windscreens and windows on your vehicle.

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Fleet Servicing

At Sheldon Paint & Panel we know how important a vehicle can be to the livelihood of a business;
every day your company car or delivery van is off the road is another day that vehicle isn’t earning you any money.

That’s why we’re happy to offer our business owning customers the convenience of fleet servicing, including documentation of your vehicles’ complete service history.
We operate with Fleet-Care, one of the most reputable names in fleet servicing.

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